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Why use a flight broker when you can book it yourself in minutes?
For the first time ever access private flights that have live real time availability with instant confirmation

The app that puts private air travel with fixed lower prices at your fingertips.
No initiation or membership fees, just download and fly!

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London / Newquay
Total cost: £5,750
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London / Cannes
Total cost: £11,400
London / Manchester
Total cost: £6,500

The future of private air travel is here

Quartz’s unique and simple booking system allows you to plan and book flights between airports in the UK, as well as nearby European destinations. With real-time availability and immediate transparent pricing, Quartz lets you book and confirm a private flight in minutes.

FlightShare: our unique offering

Quartz allows users to offset the cost and impact of their travel by sharing their flight with others. Users can book the available seats you don’t need, ensuring a cheaper, greener, faster premium private air travel experience.

Save time, save money, save energy

Using Quartz is quick, simple and transparent. Our platform allows you to book a flight like it’s a taxi. Once you’ve found your flight, Quartz gives you a fixed price that is free from hidden charges, making your journey significantly cheaper and easier.


Fly greener with Quartz

At Quartz we only use the newest Pilatus planes, which have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than many other private and commercial aircraft. Our research suggests that a Quartz flight produces up to 74% less emissions than an equivalent commercial flight.

We know plans change…

With Quartz you have unparalleled flexibility to manage your flights – our cancellation and amendment policy is second-to-none in the industry.

Avoid the stress of travelling by train or car

Use Quartz and fly more directly from a range of accessible and discreet airports, arriving up to 15 minutes before take-off. Make your journey hassle-free with Quartz.

Take control of your time

Fly 24/7, 365 days a year, on a reliable, private and secure service.

You decide where and when, with no initiation or membership fees. just download and fly!

We automatically manage aircraft availability and airport opening times, so when booking through the Quartz app, you can be confident that your flight’s on time and ready to take you to your destination.

Save up to 60% flying with Quartz

Uniquely Quartz only operates with the authorised Pilatus Centre.


Popular Quartz destinations from London, the South East and Manchester airports include:
  • Brussels
  • Corsica
  • Dublin
  • Dusseldorf
  • Edinburgh
  • Geneva
  • Guernsey
  • Gloucester
  • Liverpool
  • Paris
  • Ibiza
  • Isle of Man
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