Versatile. Safe. Reliable. Proven.

Enjoy the privacy and convenience of your own private air travel, knowing that you are in one of the safest, greenest and quickest modern private aircraft available.
With its spacious cabin that can seat up to 6 passengers, the PC-12 delivers smooth and quiet comfort, making it an ideal business aviation platform.
Cruising at speeds up to 260 knots and can access runways as short as 2,690 feet. The PC-12 is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67P turboprop engine which provides excellent performance and efficiency even at high altitudes.
  • Range of 1,803 nm
  • Can hold up to 6 medium suitcases
  • Up to 74% less emissions
  • Fully approved sustainable aviation fuel
  • Energy from zero-emission sources

6 Seat Executive

Make the most out of the PC-12 NGX cabin with ample space for passengers, baggage, catering equipment and a private lavatory. Each executive seat features quick-change capability.

Award winning Pilatus PC-12

Exclusive travel – that’s our business

Over more than seven million flight hours, the Pilatus PC-12 has proven to be the most versatile and valued short-haul business aircraft in the world. This safe, reliable aircraft offers the next level of refinement, efficiency and technological advancement.

Comfortable and versatile

Enjoy a top-class flying experience, with a maximum of 6 passengers in the spacious, roomy and brightest cabin in its class.

Flexibility for you

Experience ultimate access. Our private aircraft have access to 3x more airports than commercial flights, allowing you to land closer to your final destination.

Proven and safe

Fly with peace of mind, knowing you will arrive at your destination safely. Our industry-leading aircraft have a rock-solid safety record on a par with the best twin-engine business jets.
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